In June 2016, the Ultimate Frisbee community lost a vibrant and loved individual. Just days after graduating from Berkeley High, Efe's heart failed while swimming in a lake and he passed away. He was a compassionate friend to many, an incredible ultimate athlete who always gave everything he had on every point, and an even greater human being who brought joy, humor and deep thought to everyone he was around. 

All of the funds raised for the Efe Ustenci Scholarship Fund will be delegated and used for this purpose: 

- Two awards of $1,050 will be given to 1 boy and 1 girl who each embody exceptional spirit of the game, leadership and compassion. These awards will fully cover the costs of playing at the Youth Club Championships, including the $525 YCC program fee, $400 for flights, and $125 for additional expenses. 

- 100% of the additional funds raised will be used to provide need-based financial aid to YCC players in 2017 or delegated for the Efe Fund in future years. 

By donating to the Efe Ustenci Scholarship Fund, you are helping to promote the sport he loved and carry on the values he upheld. Thank you. 


*Applicants for need-based financial aid may apply here.



In the summer of 2016, we raised $2,300 for the Efejon Ustenci Scholarship Fund, which allowed us to award two scholarships to fully cover the $425 program fee and $475 towards travel expenses for one boy and one girl (and we have funds some left over for 2017). The scholarship recipients were both very thankful and honored to carry out the scholarship's goal of promoting the sport Efe loved and carry on the values he upheld. They also had a blast on and off the field, making many lasting friends and memories. 


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$4,000 GOAL

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